Batch 4 production update II

Here's another update about the progress of batch 4's production. For the previous update, check here.


This just in: Cartridges have arrived in our Brooklyn workshop! They're being checked and tested right at this very moment, so stay tuned for further updates on this. As a result of finally having new cartridges, we'll also be able to test the new substrates. 

In other news, software updates are still ongoing, updated assembly instructions are nearly complete, and half of the assembled printers have rolled off the line and are entering QC.

Some exciting improvements in our shipping system, read about them here.


There's nothing quite like the smell of fresh cartridges. But seriously, we're stoked to have these in stock again. You may have noticed a serious lack of printed boards being shown off on our twitter feed and blog. That's because we've been rationing our last couple pairs of cartridges having sent almost all of our stock out to customers. What a relief! Expect more killer circuits soon.


Assembled printers

The stack of assembled printers is starting to get so high that's it's becoming hard to see over it.


With half of them now assembled, they're starting to make their way through our quality control where we thoroughly test them to identify any loose bolts, incorrectly inserted cables, etc.

We're also excited to be trying out a new packaging design for this batch of assembled printers. In previous batches we had some users reporting damage upon arrival. Currently we send out replacement parts for whatever is damaged, but obviously this interrupts the experience of enjoying a new machine. 


This new packaging is Expanded Polyethylene (EPE) and replaces the previous polystyrene. We're hopeful that this materials greater compliance will mean more cushioning and fewer damaged printers.

What's next?

Software updates will be finished, and then tested across all platforms (including Windows 10). Assembled printers will finish being tested and then shipped off to Brooklyn. Still waiting for the main shipment of kit printers to arrive so they can start to be sent out.


Next update here.

Ariel Briner
Ariel Briner


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