We love you, ShipStation!

One of our biggest problems is that we get things delivered to our office and then our customers want those very same things. Figuring out which carrier was best for each shipment and then learning their customised shipping system and requirements was a mega pain. Then after all of that only one darn option was proficient!

We’ve replaced all of our logistics with a QR-code lined shelf and a $200 laptop running ShipStation. This is the shipping solution we've been looking for. Everything in stock has a QR code linking to a url where you can restock. ShipStation imports all of our orders and automagically generates the packing slips and shipping labels. They even make USB scales now - what a time to be alive!

We pack, we print, we ship, we drink. What used to take 10 minutes takes 2. Now our interns can handle shipping so we have time to do more cool circuits and R&D.

As always, if you have any tips on how to make things better we’d love to know.

PS. We love you, ShipStation, you make our lives easier....

Rob Walker
Rob Walker


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