Batch 4 production update

Here's another update about the progress of batch 4's production. For the previous update, check here.


Substrates have arrived at our workshop for testing. The first assembled printer has been completed, more to follow. Cartridge production has finished and are also en route to Brooklyn. The software and assembly instructions are being updated to comply with the new motherboard design in this batch (+ a few other small changes). Most importantly: the test shipment of kit printers has arrived, but was found to be tampered with (more on this below).


All the different kinds of substrate (fibreglass, synthetic paper, kapton, and coloured card) have arrived and have been packaged ready to send out.

They just need to be labeled and have a final test against this batch's cartridges to make 100% sure everything is good.


So. Much. Assembly.

Belts, rods, nuts, and bolts are flying all over the place as the assembled printers come together quickly. The very first unit has come off the line and been tested successfully. I'll provide more information and pictures of this next time.

First kit printers to arrive in Brooklyn

We sent a small test shipment of 4 printers to ensure everything was going to go well. In the past we've had a variety of issues with mission critical shipments such as incorrect addresses, customs flagging innocuous things (grease, shipping compliant batteries, ink...), or just other madness. Today's events fall in the 'other madness' column.

On the left is a normal printer box and on the right is one of the 4 test printers we received. Somewhere in the chain of these getting to us they have been opened, had some of their protective foam removed (which prevents things from getting broken in transport), cut down to be smaller, and then taped back up. When we opened up the kits we found that they had been rifled through and the SD cards removed, all without us being informed. Obviously we're very annoyed, but happy at the same time because this is exactly the sort of problem a test shipment should highlight. We'll do some digging, and probably a bit of yelling on the phone, to make sure the rest of the printers arrive safely.

If you have any ideas about why our SD cards might have been removed from the packages when leaving china (which is where we think it happened) please leave a comment below.

What's next?

Cartridges will arrive and can be tested, substrates tested with new cartridges, the rest of the kit printers will arrive, assembled printers will be finished and ship to Brooklyn, new software will be released.

Stay tuned.


Next update here.

Ariel Briner
Ariel Briner


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July 29, 2015

In the back of my mind I kind of thought that there could be some weird law against exporting SD cards from China, and we just didn’t appropriately bribe the shipping agent :P But your suggestion sounds pretty plausible.

There wasn’t anything important on them, so we’re just replacing them with more sources from inside the US. Annoying, but not a show stopper.

CM Greene
CM Greene

July 28, 2015

The SD cards were probably the only thing of value that could be easily removed without seeming “obvious” and completely damaging the printers. Did they have any type of data on them?

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