New printers arriving in stock!

Hey folks, here's a quick update on the production of the 4th batch of Argentums.


All the production of the kit printers has been completed and they are waiting with a shipping agent en route to our Brooklyn workshop. When they arrive they'll be inspected, packed with substrates and cartridges, and then sent off to their excited new owners!

Assembled printers are currently undergoing assembly and will follow the path of their kit cousins in the next 1-2 weeks.

Laser cutting

All laser cutting was completed about a week ago, and has been carefully inspected for quality (lack of scratches, no broken parts, parts cut all the way through, etc.):


All the smaller components have been kitted together into component storage boxes. This both makes it easy for us to ensure every kit contains the correct parts, and easy for you to find a part when you're putting your printer together. Prior to kitting, the larger/more complex components (like motors, rods, belts, custom cables, etc.) were tested to ensure they met spec:


All motherboards have been manufactured, tested, and boxed. They're given a full run through in a bed of nails test jig and put to work doing an actual print before they get the QC tick:

What's left?

Substrates and cartridges still need to be shipped to Brooklyn so they can be tested for their final QC, then packaged and added to the waiting printer boxes. There are also some software updates that need to be made for Argentum Control (the desktop application) to be compatible with the new version of motherboards.

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Ariel Briner
Ariel Briner


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