Fun Blurb From China

When not working tirelessly to ensure your Argentum printer gets to you as quickly as possible, our China team has been exploring Shenzhen and getting to know the area better. One of the cooler things they've encountered is a boat that's in the middle of the city. (Note the buildings behind it.)

Located in a suburb called "SeaWorld" (not the problematic franchise with the orcas and dolphins), this boat is completely surrounded by the city. It looks like the boat was just docked one day and the city built itself around the boat, effectively trapping it. Later, the boat was converted into a 4 star hotel. Overall, it's a pretty cool thing to see!

So although this update doesn't really have anything to do with printer news/developments, we wanted to share this small story with you. Partially because it's pretty entertaining, but mostly because working somewhere where development and progress is so accelerated that a whole city was built around a boat means great things for the direction Cartesian is headed!


P.S. Ariel suggested this video of a hotel being built super fast in China that he loves because it was semi-relevant, so enjoy!

Alex Della Santina
Alex Della Santina


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