TUTORIAL - 3D Printed Stepper Motor V1.1

Proto G has been catching our attention for a few weeks now, with impressive melds of 3D printing and electronics. Perhaps none are as impressive as his 3D Printed Stepper Motor (version 1.1 to add NeoPixels to his first project!):

This is a follow up to my previous instructable of my 3D Printed Stepper motor I designed to show others how stepper motors work. Many people had mentioned adding LEDs to help visualize which coils were activating. Looking through my part bins I found the perfect 16 NeoPixel ring from Adafruit. It's a coincidence that it fit perfectly under the electromagnets. I couldn't have planned that any better. In this instructable I will show you how to add the NeoPixel rings to the stepper motor.

Read more about the V1.1 mod. And also check out all of the steps for the first version to learn more about how stepper motors work.




Matt Griffin
Matt Griffin


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