Multilayered Goodness

December 06, 2013


We’ve had a number of questions about whether the Argentum can be used to make double sided or multi-layered boards. Although this is something we’ve always been confident is possible, we didn’t want to make any promises without thoroughly testing the possibilities first. After a few attempts, we’d like to present the very first fully operational, multi-layered board created with the Argentum!


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We’ve been listening to everyone’s questions and compiling a list of things to work on to show you just what the Argentum can do. One thing we’ve had a lot of questions about is whether the Argentum can be used to print microwave circuits. Well, here’s a video demonstrating just that with something we whipped up in a few minutes. Enjoy! Read More

Footprint Resolution

November 19, 2013


One question that keeps popping up is whether the Argentum is a tool for serious hobbyists and engineers, or a toy for people interested in electronic crafts. The answer is both.

We’ve already shown that we can make fun things on paper, fabric and we’re working on 3D printed objects. But there’s more…


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