Printing on 3D Printed Parts!

One of the inspirations behind the development of 3D printers was the dream of a self replicating machine (hopefully not the terminator kind). So far electronics have eluded self replication because 3D printers lacked a suitable material to produce electronics.


We’ve been working really hard to bring you guys some of the stuff that you’ve said you’d like to see. Today we’re really excited to announce our first set of circuits printed entirely onto a 3D printed object! We hope the ability to print circuits on 3D printed objects will bring everyone one step closer to the dream of self replication.


(Left to Right) SOIC 8 to DIP 3D printed breakout board, underside of LED matrix printed onto PLA 3D print


We’ve still got heaps of cool things we’re continuing with but we love it when you guys give us more ideas – so keep it up! By the way, can you guess how we’ve held the SOIC chip to the breakout board?

We’ll be releasing more detailed videos shortly on Facebook and Twitter so make sure to follow us if you want to see how the magic is made.

Alex Della Santina
Alex Della Santina


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