Footprint Resolution

One question that keeps popping up is whether the Argentum is a tool for serious hobbyists and engineers, or a toy for people interested in electronic crafts. The answer is both.

We’ve already shown that we can make fun things on paper, fabric and we’re working on 3D printed objects. But there’s more…

In order to replicate standard PCB construction the printer will need to be capable of printing fine pitch footprints on FR4. This is what we’ve been working on, and we have a surprise!

In the above image you can see we’ve not only managed to print on FR4 (this only required a light sanding) but also much smaller components! We’ve been able to halve the size of our smallest printable footprint from SOIC (1.27mm or 50 thou pitch) to TSSOP (0.65mm 25.6 thou pitch), and we’re working on pushing this even further.

Alex Della Santina
Alex Della Santina


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