RFID Tag on Paper!

It’s been a while since we had any updates with cool circuits so we figured it was about time. Now that we’ve got a few more team members, there is a little time to actually play with the Argentum and see what it can do.

We’ve had RFID on our giant list of cool things to do for a while (a long while) so here it is…

Print Time: Just under 2 hours
Number of Layers: 30 (we wanted pretty low resistance and it’s by far the longest single track we’ve printed)
Cost: <$1 (plus about $6 for the IC)

This circuit is running with a simple MIFARE Classic 1K chip that we pulled out of a cheap RFID coin. After some quick math to tune the geometry to the correct inductance and frequency we were good to go. The circuit was designed using mechanical CAD software and we printed on canvas paper (we’re really into the blue).

The final trace resistance was about 15ohms, though we later successfully tested the same print with only an 80ohm trace after we ran out of ink… (final picture)

If there are any cool circuits that you guys want us to have a go at, just let us know.


Rob Walker
Rob Walker


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